turning twenty one

It used to be eighteen
was old enough to go go to war
and old enough to kill
if God and country asked me to
and in me was the will

Old enough to lift a glass
of spirits to the dead
to bury all self consciousness
too far inside the head

So life would have a hard time finding
a way back to the place we came
from dinner tables across the sea
still thinking we’re the same

It used to be eighteen to vote
and drink, and go to war
now only two remain to leave
the everlasting scar

– When I was in college there was still a draft lottery, and at the time the slogan was ‘Old enough to kill but not for votin'” … The times have changed and today, there is no more draft, at 18 our youth can vote, can ‘voluntarily’ go off to war and all it’s consequences, but we won’t allow them to drink spirits. The point is, I don’t believe we should lower the drinking age, I think we should raise our consciousness and put a 3 year waiting period before committing troops to any armed conflict.
My Lai image

Image: http://www.environmentalgraffiti.com/history/news-my-lai-massacre-pictures?image=6