Cloud Atlas

Have this hand to hold in life
whisper softly in my ear
feel your breath upon my face
lift me from all of my fear

time has fled unbroken still
the ages pass again too soon
our memory fades across the sky
the sun will rise across the room

where once within each other’s arms
we passed the quiet night in sleep
dreams were fleeting in the dawn
and love was ours to keep

as destiny will always make
the time we choose another round
our kisses fell upon the sheets
and leaving left no sound

for ears so far away in time
might never come to listen
as songs are sealed in notes that ring
beyond where stardust glistens

each as one teardrop became
a stream to fill the ocean
forgiven hearts were woven e’er
where twilight stars have spoken


11 thoughts on “Cloud Atlas

  1. Oh GFS, you have soared beyond love, deeply into it, and left words and its mystery behind. This is so stirring and beautifully written. Just breathing after reading…perhaps it must be understood not by mind but by spirit….

  2. Hey GS! I missed your writings! That’s why I’m here now. I hope you’re doing great there! Keep safe! Fia 🙂

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