Can you count your blessings ~
will we ever find a way to say ~
I found my way to heaven
before the break of day

Are there ever tears enough
to feel so bad as when
we held the suffering of friends
and longed to make it end

Where will we ever find
the truth of light in life
is time enough to ever know
the stars so far and wide

Or there within the rainbow
will we see the joy beyond
that carries souls forever free
into love’s eternal home

For only when we come to see
the light beyond the storm
will we have learned the message of
the ones who went before



17 thoughts on “Blessings

  1. Beautifully written. I often wonder if that isn’t the compelling reason for life in the now. To feel grateful for what you have when you have it. Surely that’s the point – recognizing the blessing, and the truth of the blessing. I mean happily ever after doesn’t mean happy forever. Everafter ~ what precisely is that? Your dreams, your life, your death, your everything. Is it the place that exists without us ~ the forever after we are gone? OR is it the light we become beyond the storm of our existence? Thought provoking piece. ~ B

  2. Stars, rainbows, heaven – what beautiful light imagery. I suppose we often overlook the light that is evident all around us. And as you’ve pointed out – there is life in every death, light in every darkness. And that fact, that fact reassures me.

  3. To know, see behind the illusion, the sting of life and suffering of others…and still carry the joy and Glory of the Truth behind within, throughout at the same time! Yes! Wonderful View! Linda

  4. Thank you for pointing this out … I had almost forgotten these words. Part of the was inspired by Dr Wayne Dyer, when he talked about how we can never hurt enough to relieve someone’s pain, the rest, as you sat, is life’s experience …

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