The Paradox of Being

light-ness of being
as thought now enfolds
where nature surrounds us
through ages untold

enters life and the living
returning to find
all we once were
now again in the mind

earth wind and fire
consuming the graves
hides truth in the waters
washed beneath waves

like roots within soil
the quick sands of time
are drifting in deserts
of worlds left behind

now forever returning
desire to feel
or a destiny free from
what life will conceal


6 thoughts on “The Paradox of Being

  1. We are at one with nature in this P. Your last two lines plucked a heart string that sounded a clear note xx

  2. Perhaps there is a reason that when we enter life, “our eyes are closed once again to “Life’s conceal”. Isn’t the process of emergence and re-awakening that which tunes the mortal instrument of Spirit to ever higher manifestations of its own Reflection and evolution as spiraled through the Earth Experience. In return, as part of the Body of this particular Group Soul, Nature, Evolution; we must be following a decree to advance and heal this “evolving” Home in Becoming, as its destiny longs, set by the decree of its Creator?

    • Linda – Your insights, your connection makes it hard to find words to reply, except to say you are right, and I know you are speaking The Truth (caps deliberate), you continually renew my faith … Thank you so …, Peter

  3. We pass our knowledge at birth so we may taste the ecstasy of moments yet to come because as Gail says “If every day is an awakening, you will never grow old; You will just keep growing.”

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