Killing me softly

At 9:01 AM on April 19, 1995 so many lives in Oklahoma City would change forever, and along with them, the lives of Americans everywhere …

Far away in time it’s been
forever just a day away
lost beyond the winter cold
faded in November grey

Hear the song again be played
for all the eager lovers lay
home beside a warm hearth burning
telling how he flew away

On silver sails in skies beyond
tides will ebb so far from home
sunset shadows melting from
the ruins they would roam

Light reflecting, life remaining
fell into this silent place
Love’s begotten minutes past
sorrows still in hallowed space

In his words this day revealed
softly fades again the dream
flowing gently what remains
her ribbons carried on the stream

Please visit the web site of the Oklahoma City Memorial for more information on the symbolism in its layout and construction –
The third picture of the Reflecting Pool is deliberately inverted, dramatizing the effect of the light on the water.
This description is from the Memorial’s web site:
“The pool occupies what was once N.W. Fifth Street. Here, a shallow depth of gently flowing water helps soothe wounds, with calming sounds providing a peaceful setting for quiet thoughts. The placid surface shows the reflection of someone changed forever by their visit to the Memorial
(emphasis added)


22 thoughts on “Killing me softly

    • If you ever have an opportunity, it is a place you must see. The sunset is very dramatic in Oklahoma, since the land is so flat. These were taken in March. Almost all of the pictures of the reflecting pool could be inverted and the eye would not notice. It is a very serene, hallowed, place …

  1. the Reflecting Pool takes your breath away…
    Beautiful picture…haunting words …
    but a beautifully still moment..
    Take Care…

      • I will, I usualy go up to the Botnical gardens, I will
        make my way over there..the last time i was in Oklahoma , it was such a sad energy…I didn’t stay long….took the breath out of me

  2. The pics are really beautiful ! and especially that reflecting pool and those golden sun rays. They are awesome !! 😀

  3. My home ground. This is a wonderful tribute gfs, and the beautiful pictures give a taste of what really is to be found there. This is such a thoughtful and caring post that you’ve done. xoxo

  4. You’ve captured the peace and serenity of that place so perfectly – it is a haven for all souls searching for quiet in the face of disaster, and an example of the kindness and respect we carry for those lost and suffering. Thank you for posting this.

  5. This is a moment that forever lives with us as this tragedy transpired on our daughters second birthday. Megan was born about one hour after another tragedy; that being the encircled Branch Dividian compound in Waco TX going up in flames with priceless souls inside. We were at the hospital, in the labor room. There was a television mounted in the corner that had been turned to a news channel. We watched the entire event unfold as my wife was in labor. It was a very surreal day; watching a soul enter the world right after witnessing an event where more than 70 souls perished.

    Thanks for taking time to offer this reflection. Our society is so geared to looking for the next big thing that events like this one seem to quickly leave the…..collective conscious…..for lack of a better term.

  6. Thank you SO MUCH for this beautiful sharing of the Oklahoma City Memorial photographs, especially the reflecting pool. We definitely all need to reflect most profoundly on the aspects of human nature that lead to the never-to-be-forgotten events of 9:01 AM on April 19, 1995.

    • I may have stated in one of the comments. There was a woman who sat by the pool of the entire time we were there, never moved, never spoke, I am not sure if she ever looked up from the water … deep, deep, reflection …

  7. Thank you for directing me and allowing me to read this a second time, a year later. Still beautiful… May we always remember those who are lost, and those who ran into the chaos to help. Those people have been changed forever. It is a little eerie to say, considering the events that have recently unfolded elsewhere… But it is there we find the true nature of the selflessness and kindness of others.

    Much peace to you,

    • Gayle
      I agree with you, that no matter who perpetrates events such as these, it only serves to bring out the goodness in our hearts, at least in those moments. We must be careful about repercussions, these are tragedies, and we need to learn from them, the causes are far deeper that we can imagine.
      Many blessings to you as well,
      Peter (gfs)

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